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We develop cloud platforms for Industry 4.0

Smart Grid, Robotics, Internet of Things

The Revolution starts now

Atende Industries is actively involved in the process of digital transformation that shapes the industrial sector of the future, especially power engineering. We create software for Smart Grid (AMI), management platforms for distributed energy systems, sensory data analysis programmes for cobots and data processing platforms for IoT devices. All our products apply a pioneer, entirely authorial technology – developed over the years and improved owning to the experience gained from cooperation with Energa-Operator in the implementation of the largest smart metering system in Poland.

Our contribution to changing the world

What is Industry 4.0?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, may be considered a natural consequence of development – both for people, and for the goods, systems and solutions they invent. In simple terms, it consists in the introduction of cyber-physical systems and advanced industrial automation, as a consequence leading to a significant increase in production efficiency.

The overall objective for the new-generation industrial and power grid systems’ development is to transfer the majority of analytical, control and administration processes to dedicated platforms on the Internet

Cloud computing ensures constant access to the stored data regardless of location, which allows for the remote integration of systems, e.g. in factories, while avoiding additional investments and costs

All machines and systems are smart and collaborative, which signifies that they communicate both with each other, and with larger units, e.g. factories, thus minimize the need for human control

Analytical algorithms, used as cloud platforms’ services, enable implementation of complex control systems, able to process the data independently and remotely administrate multiple smart devices in real time

Power grids, thanks to constantly updated data automatically obtained
from smart meters, provide electrical energy depending only on actual needs, thus balancing the supply and demand of the market

Atende Industries is an unique company that unites extraordinary individualists, together capable of creating technology far ahead of it’s time.

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