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We have been creating innovative products for 15 years


TStorage Technology

We are starting to use the proprietary NoSQL database for the implementation of BigData systems for the Internet of Things.

2021 platform prototype

After 9 months of research, we are able to create a prototype of a system for intelligent analysis of the cobot environment.


Atende Industries is established

On the basis of a separate part of Atende Software, the company Atende Industries is established, whose goal is to develop cloud platforms for Industry 4.0 (including platforms for modern energy). We are starting a new stage, which we hope will become the next chapter in the history of Polish IT in the future.


Atende Software changes the owner

After separating the part of the company related to the development of cloud platforms for Industry 4.0 and leaving the platforms for Internet TV and cyber-security in Atende Software, the shares in the company are acquired by Custodia Capital Flix. A new stage of the company’s operations outside the Atende group begins.


Launch of Go3 for TV3 Group

TV3 Group has launched the production of the sVOD platform based on the redGalaxy portal solution, providing its users with access to sVOD content, line channels and a tVOD library on a wide range of devices. Go3 is the largest video platform in the Baltics.


redGalaxy in Canal+

Canal + based on the redGalaxy technology, has made available a library of films and documents on request by launching the “Premiery CANAL +


We continued work on the system, a modern cloud platform for distributed energy.



The OmniChip company has created a card whose technology actively protects against theft of funds from payment cards as well as data from identification and access cards.


PKP Energetyka

In a consortium with PKP Energetyka, we have started a project that will allow us to obtain process innovation consisting in the optimization of the frequency of service works and inspection of infrastructure elements of traction substations based on recommendations from our predictive maintenance system.


Phoenix-RTOS becomes open source  

The creators of Phoenix-RTOS, one of the world’s first operating systems for Internet of Things devices, published its source code on GitHub.


New with redGalaxy Portal technology

TVN is extending its cooperation with Atende Software. Based on our technology, a whole new portal,, is built.


Play NOW

The PLAY network has decided to choose our proprietary OTT redGalaxy technology to build its internet TV service.



We have started work on a proprietary system to protect against DDoS attacks – redGuardian.


Shares in OmniChip

We supported another startup, OmniChip, which designs integrated circuits.


Phoenix Systems

We acquired shares in Phoenix Systems to support a startup developing an operating system for IoT.


100 Gbps w redCDN

redCDN traffic exceeded 100 Gbps, which means that we served over 150,000 viewers simultaneously.


TVN Player

We have started cooperation with TVN on the construction of the TVN Player internet TV platform



We have started the AMI project for Energa Operator S.A. – the largest implementation of Smart Grid in Poland. The system implemented at Energa-Operator, redGrid, allows for remote reading of data from smart meters and is the first system of this type in the country.


IPLA Project

We developed innovative services for the IPLA project on the market – live coding, support for specific multimedia protocols, etc.


Euro 2008

First large-scale webcast using our redCDN technology for Redefine. The beginning of IPLA television.



The New Technologies Development Department of ATM has been separated as a new company. Atende Software was established.