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Press meeting about Industry 4.0 and Energy 2040 – industry perspective

On Tuesday, March 16, at 11:00 a.m., a virtual press conference will be held, the subject of which will be the challenges accompanying the transformation of the Polish energy sector in the next 20 years – Energy 2040 and industry 4.0. Invited guests – Miroslaw Klepacki, President of Apator S.A. and Pawel Pisarczyk, president of Atede Industries, will discuss issues related to:

  • The main challenges for the Polish energy sector and industry for the next 20 years,
  • Modern technologies to support the transformation of the Polish energy sector,
  • Industry 4.0 and IoT as the main pillars of changes and strengthening the competitiveness of Polish enterprises.

During the event, the perspective of Polish enterprises providing technological solutions for the power industry will be presented regarding the strategy “Poland’s energy policy until 2040”.

The discussion will be led by Izabela Zylinska, editor-in-chief of the portal

The meeting will be broadcast live online to participants, and a chat will be available during the meeting to enable active participation in the discussion. The host of the meeting is Atende Industries. The event can be viewed by clicking on the link: