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IPCEI-CIS TStorage Project Approved by the European Commission.

Atende Industries’ TStorage database has been selected by the European Commission under IPCEI-CIS program, securing EUR 1.2 billion funding!
Joining tech leaders like Deutsche TelekomSiemensOrange and SAP, we’re proud to be driving innovation for EU’s digital independence. 

TStorage, our proprietary NoSQL database, tackles IoT data collection, already powering intelligent energy projects in Poland! The most important feature of the TStorage database is its efficiency and scalability, enabling BigData analysis in real time.

“The selection of our TStorage solution as a project of strategic importance for the EU under IPCEI-CIS is a great distinction for us, but also an excellent confirmation that Polish technology companies are becoming more and more important on the European market. I believe that the IPCEI-CIS mechanism will allow us to develop and implement the TStorage database in many market sectors: intelligent energy, intelligent agriculture, aviation and even space applications,” says Pawel Pisarczyk, CEO of Atende Industries.